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Diabetes: the Excuse and the Reason

The last week or two have been rough. So rough that its cause deserves its own blogpost.

IMG_2335The diabetes is not behaving, without explanation. Most of the time, I can pinpoint what I did or ate that causes my BS to spike or plummet. But not this week. For example, I ate my usual oatmeal, peanut butter (the natural kind with no sugar added) and fruit and this happen this morning. Admittedly, this breakfast usually pushes my BS to 200, but 337 (eventually almost 400), really?

And then I correct, and inevitably I’m low within a few hours. Which starts a whole rollercoaster of BS fun. It makes me tired, cranky and gives me an excuse forces me to skip my workout.  Sometimes its justified. I can’t get my BS above 60 no matter what I eat or I’m well above 250. But sometimes I just don’t want to exacerbate the issue or I can’t motivate myself to get my rear off the sofa. And that feels like an excuse and I beat myself up.

IMG_2321I have to remember that diabetes is a tricky condition and I have to do what feels best for me. Occasionally it’s okay to throw up my hands and say “I’m done!” Kind of like my CGM likes to do, just to keep me on my toes.






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