Dec 29, 2015 - My Simple Sunday, Ruminations    Comments Off on Holiday Come-Down

Holiday Come-Down

IMG_1365Post Christmas is always hard. I love the build up and hate dealing with the aftermath: the mess, trying to find a place for new things, not having the anticipation, anticipating the next three months of gross New England winter. Ew.

And I don’t think society’s approach to the New Year helps make it any easier. This idea that you have to become a new person and drastically “fix” your life in the new year is daunting, depressing and plays into the idea that no one likes you the way you are (except Mr. Darcy, of course).

Honestly, I haven’t figured out how to successfully get through the next months without feeling antsy, depressed and unsuccessful. The new job starts in February and that should help. Hopefully keeping up my routines and focusing on eating well (NOT dieting) will help. More on that in the next post.


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