A chance meeting, a need for beer, mutual friends, unknown siblings, awkward facebook messages, there’s a lot of weird circumstances that led to us finding each other.

But when you’re in your late 20’s life is weird that way.

Marte and hit it off pretty quickly after meeting. Neither of us looking for love nor really understood what love was. We just wanted to be together and grow together. At the time she was in law school and me unemployed from the 2008 collapse. We commuted back and forth between Boston and Providence to see each other with barely enough pocket change for gas.

davemartepictureAs fate had it we both found jobs in Boston, moved there, cat and all, got engaged, got married, and lived our lives as a couple until Emilie was born in 2018. Who knows what the future holds for our family, but we hope it’s as weird as the circumstances that brought us together to being with.

From diabetes to wedding planning, Marte’s “Sunday Snapshots”, my obsessive hobby-ing on projects, and both of us figuring our this parenting thing, we hope you find something you like here and maybe get something good from it. So from the three of us and the cat… thanks for reading!