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New Job & a New Routine

On February 1, I started a new job. It has been a long time since my last job transition. To be prepared and make the transition as seamless and stressless as possible, I did a lot of planning ahead of time.

  • I figured out which bus was fastest, cheapest and the most convenient.
  • I bought a new bag for commuting purposes.
  • I updated my wardrobe to fit the new job’s dress code (business casual instead of casual).
  • I planned out a new grocery shopping attack strategy since I don’t drive by my usual spot anymore.
  • I assumed what my eating habits would be at work and how the cafeteria in the building would play into it.
  • I strategized my workout routine to make sure I still got to the gym.

All that planning did not help make the transition less time consuming though because nothing ever works exactly as you plan it to (something I need to be constantly reminded of).

  • The bus is great, but I didn’t account for the fact that it is late by ten minutes every morning, except Fridays.
  • I love my new bag, but it’s not perfect and I honestly don’t need a bag that big most days because my laptop only comes home with me on weekends (I work at a bank now; whole new expectation ballgame).
  • My wardrobe additions/deletions were a good start, but more tweaks are needed. I’m not in the middle of nowhere anymore and my co-workers really dress nicely (I’m investing in more blazers).
  • My grocery shopping strategy wasn’t bad, but I assumed I would go during the week. Not so much. You will find me on Saturday mornings, yawning and shuffling up and down the aisles of Stop & Shop.*
  • It turns out the cafeteria is great, but expensive. Especially on top of my coffee addiction. The building has both a cafeteria and a cafe and I have been frequenting them both, totaling $30+ dollars a week. I’m trying to get a few lunches prepped before the week starts now to take with me so I’m not eating there everyday, but can still be flexible to head to lunch with co-workers.
  • I have made it to the gym maybe twice since I started this job. 5:30am is just too early for me, especially if it’s cold and precipitating. This week I’m going to try changing it up and skip blowdrying my hair in favor of working out around 6am instead.

Of course, I’m going to have to keep tweaking to figure out what works best for me. Especially as the seasons change. And I do not think all of my pre-planning was useless, but I should have anticipated that there would be an adjustment period.

So that is my very long-winded excuse for not posting lately. But I’m going to try to get back to one regular post and one picture post a week. I think I can handle that!

* On a side note, I made big process last week and let my husband do the weekly grocery shopping because I was out. And he did a great job!


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