Jan 13, 2016 - My Simple Sunday    Comments Off on Budget Spreadsheet

Budget Spreadsheet

Admittedly, I overthink our budgets. I get board and I tweak them or think of a new approach to saving money or paying off debt. Or, worse yet, I find a new tool online and have to revise everything using it. But one thing has been the same for almost 15 years. My Budget Workbook. My best friend’s dad passed it along to me while I was in college and dealing with some credit card debt. I’ve added to the original simple spreadsheet with a number of tabs with pieces I’ve collected over the years. Read more »

Jan 5, 2016 - My Simple Sunday, Projects    Comments Off on Budgets for All the Things!

Budgets for All the Things!

One of my responsibilities is taking care of our household budget. Disclaimer, we don’t have dogs or kids or own a home so our budget maybe isn’t a complicated as some. But we do have multiple loans (including a doozy of a student loan) and a few goals we’re working toward, so it’s not simple either.

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