Sparky is our cat, and she makes life living together a little more interesting. Her shenanigans include being in the way where your walking and constantly 1019090122aopening any shut doors she can get her paws on.

Sparky has a tendency to knock things over like Marte’s pill box during the night when we are sleeping. We still have to figure out why she wants thyroid medication and if it is harmful to cats.

She’s also lately been a fan of eating paper and coughing up hairballs and other “cat business” where ever she darn well pleases. Truth be told our apartment is the first place she’s DSCN0024lived for more than a year so I assume it’s because she’s now finally comfortable where she is.

For those who have a cat, I’m sure these behaviors make sense. It’s part of what having a cat as a pet is about and why it can be annoying, yet entertaining. Do we get frustrated when she takes a kotex pad out of the box and runs around the house with it, yes. Is it funny every time, also yes.