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Where do Lobsters Live?

A Maine lobster pound. Not the grocery store down the street. Lobsters are expensive and they’re work and you only want the good stuff. So in our house the policy is to only cook and eat lobster from Maine, preferably in Maine.

What is a lobster pound, you ask? It’s where they keep the delicious lobster in Maine of course! Other places refer to the little shops that serve lobster and other seafood as “shacks”. But Maine, like most of New England, has to be different and call it a lobster pound. My understanding is that the “pound” refers specifically to the salt water tank where the caught lobsters are kept fresh, until you buy them for dinner. There is no clear answer from the Google as to where the term “pound” came from originally.

Now, there are a million billion lobster pounds in Maine. You pass one every mile on the road from Boston to MDI. They’re like Dunkin Donuts in Boston or Starbucks in Seattle. But most of them are tourist traps. Unless they are on the water, don’t stop.

Through some research and many taste tests, we recommend the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound.

Its on the way onto MDI. They are always busy because their prices are good and selection is excellent. They also pack the lobsters with seaweed. That’s great for keeping the lobster fresh and also to throw in the water with them when you boil them.

Trenton does have a restaurant, but we haven’t stopped there. We go straight for the live guys. I do suggest avoiding lunch and dinner hours if you’re just going for a quick pick-up. The parking lot can get a little crazy.
Travel Tip: We leave MDI with our cooler full of ice and stop at Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound on our way out of town so we have dinner ready to be cooked when we get home!


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